Major Updates

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Major Updates

Post by QW.jester on Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:20 am

Such as bug fixes in modes
Registration system
And some other things
I will continue to make improvements to the server
If they see some bug in the server tell me to solve it.


New aggregate mode
Type of mode (RP) language ES/EN
Rp mode has
Inventory system v0.1
System of extinguishing or extinguishing of vehicles
Property system v0.1
System of legal and illegal factions
Work system
Hunger, thirst and energy system
Gasoline system in vehicles
Vehicle system damaged when damaged a mechanic must repair
Speed marker system, oil and gasoline
System of filling drums to throw to the vehicles left by gasoline
System to die and appear in hospital
ATM system
Interior of hospital ,Police department
and interiors for properties
Toll system
You have unique models and many more things ..

Mode cops and thieves open
This mode has 4 classes
This mode is a little RP
Has Pay N Spray system
Has robbery system
Has system properties
You can buy weapons in the armory or you can buy a dealer
And has many more things

Added GunGame mode
Dellatalles of the mode
Randon map
Randon skin
Time Round 2Min
Gui who won the round
To be able to play in the mode you must see two or more players

Added new class to cops and robbers mode
Class is Hitman people can use /reward [Name/ID] [reward money] and then hitman take care of those people
Rp mode inventatio bugs fixed
Bugs solved in other ways
New mode selection menu

1-Added an anti-bug when selecting a mode
The anti-bug is that if you are lag and click in a mode
And you will not enter the mode will kick the server
2-Fixed some bugs
3-Added the antiping when passing the ping of 700 dara kick the server
Cops and robers
1-Now the icons on the radar will not disturb you now if you are very far from a Icon disappears and being close appears
1-Fixed some bugs
2-Added ITMS to inventory

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